How the Service Life of Industrial Fans can be Increased in a new tab)

The service life of industrial fans can be significantly diminished if they are not protected from erosion, abrasion, and corrosion caused by different chemicals and other components within the atmosphere of the industrial environment. Finishes and coatings are an efficient way of keeping harmful substances from damaging the surface as well as the operational components […]

Bipolar Ionization Solution to Kill Viruses with HVLS FANS

Bipolar ionization releases negative ions into the atmosphere to clean the air

The efficiency of ion technology to enhance the quality of air in an indoor setting was first recognized decades ago. However, recent studies and technological advancements have proved that bipolar ionization can disinfect and clean the air as well by minimizing the growth of several different kinds of microbial pathogens and viruses. Industrial settings, as […]

Killing vs. Capturing viruses


As businesses are poised to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, good ventilation system is essential to reduce the spread of airborne contamination and reduce the risk of infection. These systems are generally designed with some sort of filtration media such as high efficiency HEPA filters. While HEPA filters may be part of a solution, a holistic approach to air quality should always be […]

Spark-Resistant Construction (SRC) for Industrial Fans and Blowers)

A spark-resistant fan with nonferrous construction elements

Spark-Resistant Construction (SRC) for Industrial Fans and Blowers Industrial Air Technology Corp. Commercial and industrial ventilation systems often have to handle airstreams that contain more than just air. There can be a host of combustible gases, solid particulates, and aerosols in the airstreams. Since they are in the stream movement, they become more hazardous. A […]

Importance of Preventative Maintenance of Industrial Fans and Blowers

An industrial centrifugal fan connected in a system installation

From handling clean air and material to processing saturated air and circulating heated air in the convection chambers to carrying out light dust loading— industrial fans and blowers have a critical role to play in almost every manufacturing and processing facility. If they are not working in their optimal condition, it is not good news […]


Axial fans are very popular in the ventilation industry. They are used for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning applications and for industrial process applications as well. Axial fans can be used in exhaust or supply arrangement. The airflow enters and leaves the fan in an axial direction.  The cylindrical shape housing and the inlet and […]


Centrifugal fans can be used in exhaust or supply arrangement. The airflow enters the fan in one direction and leaves in different direction. Centrifugal fans can have single inlet where the airflow enters the fan from one side, or double inlet where the airflow enters the fan from two sides. They are used for HVAC […]