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Expansion Joints


Lightweight Piping Expansion Joint

  • Lowest spring rates in the industry: Ideal for FRP piping
  • Excellent for compression, extension, lateral, angular deflection and torsional movements
  • Recommended for temperatures up to 225°F for Buna-Nitrile and 300°F for EPDM
  • Saves money and time by requiring a lighter anchoring system
  • Light weight construction for easy handling and freight costs reduction (up to 50% less weight)
  • Excellent pressure capacity for low, standard and most high pressure designs
  • Reduces stress load with lower reaction force and springs rates
  • Available in stock at 1 1⁄2 ID through 20 ID
  • Holz Rubber Company Series 320EZ
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duct expansion joints

Flue Duct Expansion Joints

  • Rubber expansion joints For industrial ductwork applications 
  • Eliminate corner failures
  • Increase engineering safety
  • Reduce costs by eliminating expensive gaskets
  • Lengthen cycle life
  • Absorb sound and reduce vibration
  • Lessen heavy duct work load
  • Improve movability
  • Repel wear and tear from harsh chemical and gas
  • Made by Holz Rubber Company
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High temperature expansion joints

High Temperature Expansion Joints

  • High performance product for harsh temperature environments offers long term solution
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Eliminates Sound & Vibration
  • Withstands Temperatures over 2000°F
  • Reduces the number of expansion joints because of multi-plane movement
  • Shortens face-to-face compared to metal
  • Reduces the need for costly toggles, hangers, guides, etc.
  • Cuts engineering time significantly
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