From handling clean air and material to processing saturated air and circulating heated air in the convection chambers to carrying out light dust loading— industrial fans and blowers have a critical role to play in almost every manufacturing and processing facility. If they are not working in their optimal condition, it is not good news for the given establishment.

A malfunctioned centrifugal or axial fan or blower in any part of the facility can bring down the entire industrial process to a screeching halt. This indispensable nature of fans and blowers calls for their preventive maintenance.

In this blog post, we will outline why preventive maintenance is a must for industrial fans and blowers.

It Can Improve Overall System Reliability and Reduce Downtime

When you revamp industrial fans and motors instead of waiting for them to break down, you essentially improve your overall system’s reliability and cut down potential downtimes. As mentioned earlier, a fan breaking down and malfunctioning in the middle of a process can stop an entire facility.

A good preventive maintenance regimen takes care of all the underlying and imperceptible fan and blower issues to radically decrease the probability of random malfunctions. Let’s try to understand this point with the help of an example.

Industrial furnaces utilize convection to circulate heated air within the chamber, and this is usually carried out through purpose-built high-temperature centrifugal fans. If these fans fail unexpectedly, the heated airstream will suddenly stop, eventually stopping the convection heating in the furnace.

If the furnace is making parts while ensuring tighter temperature uniformity or heat-treating alloys that don’t have a good heat transfer index, it must be stopped until the malfunctioned fan is repaired. This potential downtime can be evaded through the preventive maintenance of high-temperature fans.

It Can Help with Quality Assurance and Other Compliance Measures

Preventive maintenance of fans and blowers can also help facilities with quality assurance and compliance measures. For instance, material-handling fans streamline the movement of a host of materials through the manufacturing line. A sudden fault in the material handling fan may not disrupt the manufacturing process. However, it can certainly affect its quality. Also, working without a material handling fan may be contrary to compliance measures of a particular industry.

It Will Cut Down Emergency Work Orders

When an industrial fan or blower malfunctions amid the process, the concerned supervisor has to commission emergency maintenance for keeping the downtime minimal. Using maintenance services and ordering parts on an urgent basis comes at a higher cost. You can circumvent those higher overheads with preventive maintenances.

Extended Operational Life and Better Resale Value

When an industrial fan or blower has a record of regular preventive maintenances, it is sold at a higher price point than similar models with the same running hours.

Centaxia Industrial Air Solutions provides complete industrial fan and blower line to a host of industries. It also deals in preventative maintenance control equipment such as vibration switches or transmitters to monitor vibration levels of your fans and blowers. From axial to centrifugal fans and their expansion joints and motors/drives, you can find top-quality equipment by trusted US and Canadian manufactures at reasonable price points.

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