Industrial premises have special requirements which are more complex than commercial buildings and require customised solutions. In addition to general air quality, air of defined quality may be required for specific processes within the production area or factory. A manufacturing or industrial facility will typically have a large outside-air requirement to offset the various air, heat and pollution loads throughout a plant


  1. Fresh air and air circulation systems
  2. Dehumidification systems
  3. Large ceiling fans for destratification
  4. Gases and fumes filtration and extraction
  5. Cooling and heating of process equipment


Oil & Gas is one of the largest industries which includes exploration, extraction, processing, refining, chemical/plastic production, and transporting of petroleum products.  Due to the harsh operating environments commonly associated with the many petrochemical processes, fans and blowers must meet special industry standards.


  1. Compressor building ventilation systems
  2. Combustion air and pollution control systems
  3. Pelletizing processes 
  4. Thermal oxidizers
  5. Fired heater and desulfurization

Paper and Pulp

Chemical process and drying are the main parts of paper, cardboard, and pulp industry. Therefore, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistant material are important requirement for the fans and blower selection considering stainless steel or special alloys construction. Heat recovery system design is one of the saving energy opportunity in pulp and paper industry.


  1. High pressure dryers’ fans
  2. Material handling fans
  3. Heater box fans
  4. Particles, dust, and fume removal and fume control fans
  5. Shredding fans and systems
  6. Ventilation to control the temperature and humidity level.

Water and Waste Management

The special environment, in the facilities such as sludge drying area, pumping stations and wet wells at wastewater treatment, with hydrogen sulfide gas and moisture, always generate sulfuric acid that corrode steels and aluminum air handlers and exhaust fans. Stainless steel and FRP axial fans have to be considered. Final selection of fans construction depend on the level of gases in the environment to eliminate the downtime of these essential plant where continuous operation is paramount.


  1. Fans to supply air to help growth of floc to remove organic materials
  2. Fans to recover fates and oil as froth
  3. Sewage sludge drying system
  4. Organic air purification systems
  5. Ventilation system


Agricultural fans and blowers are used for air movement within the facilities for growing crops, poultry, and animal health. Many applications such as variable speed high pressure fans for efficient ventilation of silo grain to reduce the risk of germination and insect infestation. Also, pressure blowers used in food production, drying and product packaging systems.



  1. Grain ventilation
  2. Milling, blinding, and pelletizing systems
  3. Material handling
  4. Air circulation, ventilation, heat distribution and dehumidification
  5. Dust controls
  6. Greenhouse


Fans and blowers are used in pharmaceutical and biotech industry based on the purpose of the facility. Research and development, trail testing, manufacturing of drugs are examples. Drug types determine how it is to be safely handled and produced in a clean environment. Generally stainless steel and FRP are the construction material for most of the pharmaceutical applications

Specialties where fans and blowers used:

  1. Collection of fine powders encountered during from pill press machines, spray dryers, tablet coaters, ribbon blenders and testing hoods
  2. Fans and blowers are used for the transport of corrosive fluids containing acids
  3. Explosion proof fans are considered in hazardous areas and applications.
  4. Treatment of exhaust fumes and process emissions through filtering, dust collection and, separation devices with exhaust system
  5. High pressure fans used for Pneumatic transport and conveying