High volume low speed celling fans (HVLS) are durable, quiet, efficient, and extremely popular for their many benefits in providing effective cooling /heating and solving the stratification problem by circulating the air and create a more even temperature throughout the facility.

In cooled weather, the high-level overhead heaters, in industrial and commercial facilities cause overheat the ceiling void to un-necessary high temperature of +100F, while cold air, at workplace level, stay at the floor. Using ceiling fans in winter, creates the air movement to mix heated air trapped at the ceiling level with cold air at the floor resulting in uniform temperatures throughout the space. Also, as a cost-effective solution, heaters do not need to run as frequently to maintain thermostat set points, resulting in energy saving.

Industrial ceiling fans come with variable speed settings, that can be run at low speeds to push the hot air at the ceiling level downward, providing workers with warmer, more comfortable air without creating a perceptible draft.

Also heat de-stratification in industrial spaces can also reduce the time to warm occupant levels to desired temperatures faster then without ceiling fans.

Industrial ceiling fans used in variety of applications such as factories, warehouses, airplane hangars, and high celling commercial and industrial buildings. available in diameters ranging from 8’ to 24’ with a remote keypad to power, speed and the fan’s direction.

BIG FANS (8’ – 24’)



We’ve raised the bar on direct-drive technology with our quietest, most efficient industrial fan ever. The groundbreaking Powerfoil D delivers airflow that radically changes the way people feel and work within your space. Purpose-built and rated IP66 for maximum durability, it takes on hot, gritty conditions with ease and has the tools to excel in any facility where comfort and quiet are valued.



Experience the transformative airflow of the industry’s most powerful HVLS fan. Powerfoil X3.0 is purpose-built to deliver comfort and cost savings that motivate your workforce and revolutionize your facility. Its superior drive, hub, and airfoil systems provide the durability, safety, and efficiency you need to take your business to the next level.



Powerfoil 8 connects you with the top-level performance and expert engineering that define our Powerfoil line. Built to excel in tough environments, it provides the airflow your people need to stay safe and motivated to get the job done. With a powerful, efficient motor and multi-patented airfoil technology, Powerfoil 8 transforms your workspace with comfort and energy savings that last.



Conquer extreme temperatures and stagnant air with the economical Basic 6. Its durable design and smooth, powerful performance keep challenging work conditions from holding your business down. Backed by Big Ass Fans’ world-class customer support and in-field services, Basic 6 is your best entry-level option for airflow that sets your people up for success.

Small Fans (44” – 14’)



Essence is the crowd favorite for creating a more comfortable and attractive space. Designed for power, versatility, and sophistication, its performance transforms stuffy conditions and offers any setting a centerpiece of style. Quiet and efficient, Essence lets you provide an enjoyable experience that keeps employees motivated, customers engaged, and guests eager to return.


Your space deserves a higher class of comfort with Haiku. Renowned for its award-winning innovation, Haiku outpaces the field with iconic design, unmatched efficiency, and unrivaled functionality. Discover how its silent, powerful performance and range of smart home integrations will transform the way you live and work in your space.

Directional Fans (18” – 8’)



With an unrivaled balance of airflow and mobility, Black Jack belongs in every facility. Offering a fully assembled steel frame and 25-foot (7.6-meter) power cord that fits any standard outlet, it’s the durable and convenient choice for your dynamic airflow needs. Best of all, Black Jack’s powerful IPX5-rated motor runs quietly and efficiently, keeping your people comfortable without distraction.



When you need maximum airflow on the move, you need AirGo. Featuring Big Ass Fans’ patented HVLS technology in durable, portable frame, it delivers targeted airflow on a massive scale. Simply dial in the exact level of cooling you need and let AirGo improve conditions on the factory floor, in the service bay, or on the sidelines.



Sidekick is the trusted and versatile solution for industry-leading airflow on the go. Durably engineered with an impact-resistant frame and a gearless direct-drive motor for quiet, powerful performance, it redefines what barrel fan technology should be. Whether you need to cool people and products, dissipate fumes and odors, or rapidly dry slick surfaces, Sidekick’s always got your back.



Deliver powerful cooling wherever you need it with Pivot. The most flexible Big Ass fan, it’s capable of a virtually infinite number of speeds and positions. Wall-mount it to avoid obstructions or angle it down long aisles and let its quiet, efficient direct-drive motor create comfort where you never thought possible.

Centaxia uses a variety of quality products produced by a number of established North American manufacturers. Please contact us for specific details for your application.