High volume low speed celling fans (HVLS) are durable, quiet, efficient, and extremely popular for their many benefits in providing effective cooling /heating and solving the stratification problem by circulating the air and create a more even temperature throughout the facility.

In cooled weather, the high-level overhead heaters, in industrial and commercial facilities cause overheat the ceiling void to un-necessary high temperature of +100F, while cold air, at workplace level, stay at the floor. Using ceiling fans in winter, creates the air movement to mix heated air trapped at the ceiling level with cold air at the floor resulting in uniform temperatures throughout the space. Also, as a cost-effective solution, heaters do not need to run as frequently to maintain thermostat set points, resulting in energy saving.

Industrial ceiling fans come with variable speed settings, that can be run at low speeds to push the hot air at the ceiling level downward, providing workers with warmer, more comfortable air without creating a perceptible draft.

Also heat de-stratification in industrial spaces can also reduce the time to warm occupant levels to desired temperatures faster then without ceiling fans.

Industrial ceiling fans used in variety of applications such as factories, warehouses, airplane hangars, and high celling commercial and industrial buildings. available in diameters ranging from 8’ to 24’ with a remote keypad to power, speed and the fan’s direction.