FRP Fans & Blowers

FRP stands for fiberglass reinforced plastic. FRP is an alternative material, which provides a cost-effective solution compare to 304 stainless steel construction. It is significantly less expensive than 316 SST and corrosion-resistance alloys or titanium. Life expectancy of FRP materials is anywhere between 25 to 50 years.

FRP fans are designed for ventilation and industrial process applications where corrosive fumes may be present in the airstream and/or surrounding atmosphere. FRP fans are suitable for applications of up to 200°F fume and environment temperature.

FRP fans have good electrical insulation and dissipation properties which make the FRP fans suitable for applications where corrosion resistance combined with spark resistance are required.

Types of FRP Fans & Blowers

Vaneaxial FRP fans used for duct installation

Tubeaxial FRP fans used for end of the line or rooftop applications

Mixed Flow FRP fans used for wastewater treatment plants, pulp & paper plants, and research laboratories

Centrifugal FRP fans (backward curved and radial blade) are used for fertilizer, sewage treatment, clean rooms, and gas scrubber systems.

Wall Exhauster with wall sleeves and panel Venturi for battery rooms, chemical storage facilities

All above FRP fans can be provided with necessary accessories such as FRP roof curb, stack-head, dampers, wall sleeves, etc.

Applications for FRP fans and blowers:

Centaxia uses a variety of quality products produced by a number of established North American manufacturers. Please contact us for specific details for your application.